Aymen’s main services include:

Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Leadership Facilitation & Consultancy

Quality of Life & Well-being (Happiness) Facilitation & Consultancy

Corporate Cultural Transformation Facilitation & Consultancy

International Partnerships

Leadership Management International (LMI), USA

Directive Communication™ International (Arthur Carmazzi)

Professional Evaluation & Certification Board (PECB), Canada

Profit co., USA

The CPD Group, UK

Other Services include:

ISO Training (e.g., ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 10004)

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Root Cause Analysis

Train The Trainers

Leadership Training

Quality of Life & Well-being (Happiness) Training

Organizational Culture Training

Workshops & Awareness (e.g., Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, Diversity, career development, etc.)

Business Networks and Economic and Commercial Affairs

Business Planning & Development

Mystery Shopper

Institute for Supply Management (ISM), USA

HR Certification Institute (HRCI), USA

Partnership in KS & GCC


Majan for Education



4 Future



Initiative Management Consultancy


أيمن السيهاتي

Aymen Saihati

An international trainer and expert in the field of leadership

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